Monday, 26 July 2010


"Love Your Bones" is the metaphorical representation of the Nostradamus quote "Mans Greed will be Humanity’s end." The collection aimed to take a kitsch approach and infuse humour into the very serious topic of dooms day and the end of the world. The garments are made from natural fibres, horse hide, thick leathers and roe deer bones, aiming to highlight and combine the process of evolution on the human race.
Particularly exploring the ideas of survival and extinction of all mankind through global warming. Raising the current issues of climate change, the collection visually reflects our darkest fears on the topic, highlighting the end of the human race.

Inspiration has been collated throughout my exploration of the topic and drawn in from several sources. Particularly looking at ancient prophecies and prophets who predicted the date they assumed the world would end. My main inspiration however came from prehistoric drawings of animals that have died out such as mammoths and other extinct creatures This encouraged me to use bold oversized shapes, jackets where the silhouette is extremely oversized and quilted for warmth and humongous bell shaped sleeves on dresses which drape long over the arm and around the hand. The oversized parachute silk padded jacket continues with this theme of being large in size making the wearer feel safe and warm in a number of conditions that they may experience during the effects of doomsday.

My main focus of the collection was to take such a heavy subject and portray it in an almost comical light hearted way. The theme had to be relevant throughout the design process and I feel this is particularly seen in my fabric choices for the collection clashing hard leather collars with luxurious green suede and soft iridescent fabrics. I particularly enjoyed styling the project for the final photoshoot with the girls having bones tied in their hair and seeing the final look together. The accessories were a complete nightmare to make however! Involving many nights awake trying to clean and preserve roe deer bones to make into giant chain necklaces. "Love Your Bones" is definatly not for the faint hearted!

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