Tuesday, 29 September 2009

House of Holland Does it Again!

WOW! Well if Henry Holland cant come up with a half decent collection atleast he still has the wit and self marketing skills to create a whole load of controversy. But perhaps not the kind he was aiming for! Whilst he was partying away after his SS10 show he was also being perpetuitly SLATED by most of the fashion press, well all of those that arent in the Henry Holland Camp of self rightious posers of course! Style.com reffered to the show as "a presentation with very little substance and plenty of ironically tacky clothes that are actually genuinely tacky" further going on to state the spectical was "little more than a barely concealed excuse for a party and extravagant posing for magazines and bloggers in the front row."

I thought the denim bras over the lace all in one worked realy well, not too keen on the house print which kinda just looked like a square splodge on a badly fitted jacket and the tshirts were abit of a cop out. But the bad taste lace also worked really well, everyone likes to dress up like a little bit of a tart every now and then. and to be honest i'd MUCH rather be at the party!!!

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